The Personal Assistance Program

The Personal Assistance Program (PAS) was developed in 1994, for people who use or need personal and/or personal care assistance. The Program at ILCHV, Inc., as with all other programs, it is based on the conviction that people know their own needs best and should direct the process that meets those needs.

PAS promotes independence. The Personal Care Assistants are not hired by an agency or ILCHV, Inc.. Instead, individuals themselves take control of the process by identifying their own needs and actively recruiting, hiring, training, and -- when necessary -- dismissing the personal care attendants they want.

Who is eligible to participate?

In addition, individuals should be self-directed, which means they are able to do the following:

Persons who are not able to self-direct may choose to have a family member or a friend assume the responsibility for directing their home care services.

What does ILCHV do?

ILCHV works closely with the self-directing individual and helps make this program successful in several ways:

How does it work?

Individuals who choose to participate in the program must be approved by the County Department of Health. The Department of Social Services provide a complete home assessment and authorize a specific number of hours needed.

ILCHV then provides training designed to aid the participant in assuming the responsibilities of recruiting, training, maintaining, and supervising the home care worker, as well as locating and providing backup services as needed. ILCHV also offers many options for individuals and family members eligible for services through the Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities.

PAS is available in every county in New York State. ILCHV currently offers PAS in the following counties: Chenango, Delaware, Fulton, Herkimer, Lewis, Madison, Montgomery, Oneida, Otsego, and Schoharie; plus we serve participants in Senior Network Health.

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