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The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley is rooted in a philosophy of self reliance and self determination. We offer the following services to individuals with disabilities and their families:

ADVOCACY: We advise individuals of their legal, economic, and educational rights and assist them in securing those rights.
PEER COUNSELING: We provide an environment where persons with disabilities share their experiences either on a one-to-one basis or in a group setting.
BENEFITS ADVISEMENT: We provide support, information, and guidance to individuals about obtaining needed services such as Supplemental Social Security (SSI), Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Food Stamps, Medicaid, Medicare, and various rehabilitation services.
INFORMATION AND REFERRAL: We provide information and referral regarding community resources and programs, recreational services, special education services, civil rights, employment, accessibility, travel, and assistive technology.
HOUSING INFORMATION: We provide information on how to make housing accessible, how to obtain accessible housing. We also provide advice on tenants rights and responsibilities.
CONSULTATION ON ARCHITECTURAL BARRIERS: We provide consultation services to area businesses, houses of worship, community groups, and individuals on planning for a "barrier free" environment.
TRANSPORTATION: We assist individuals in obtaining needed transportation services. We provide some limited transportation with our own van.
LIVING SKILLS: We provide training to individuals that will assist them to be independent in their daily living. We also provide social and cultural skills enrichment programs.
EMPLOYMENT SERVICES: We assist individuals in obtaining and keeping meaningful employment. We assist employers in obtaining and training employees with a disability.
PERSONAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES: We assist individuals in hiring their own personal assistant. We provide help to the individual in the recruitment, training, and supervision of these assistants.
Call our offices for more information about how our programs can benefit you, or your family members.

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