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Independent living means the opportunity to have a home or an apartment. It means the opportunity to work at meaningful employment, pay taxes and contribute to the community. It means raising and supporting a family. Independent living means participating in all aspects of the community including the social, recreational, and political portions. The Independent Living Movement promotes the elimination of all barriers to this participation.

The Independent Living Center of the Hudson Valley seeks to help persons with disabilities do for themselves instead of depending on others to do for them. The majority of our staff and Board of Directors are persons with a disability. Our approach is rooted in the philosophy of self-reliance and self-determination. Our approach makes sense. The full inclusion of persons with disabilities in the community is cost-effective and reduces the spending of local, state, and federal revenues.

When persons with disabilities are fully included as participants in the community, everyone gains: the individual with the disability, his or her family, and society.

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